Lisette Overweel-Monshouwer was born in Dordrecht, the Netherlands. She studied Law in Rotterdam and worked as a court registrar for 18 years. During this period she started to paint and continued in the following years, taking up art studies in Holland (Art Academy Utrecht and courses at Bart van der Bom's Barteljee Studio) and Germany (Kunsthochschule Dresden).

Her work inspired her to do a series of abstract colorful paintings referring to the daily life in courts. These acrylics can now be found on display in a lot of law firms, court offices and home studies. Right now, they are also on permanent exhibit in the Courts of Dordrecht, Rotterdam and Breda.

After moving to Germany with her family, Lisette started to paint in other original styles and subjects. These include dancers, nature, animals and dogs, inspired by her puppy Zsa-Zsa. Part of the latter collection will be on exhibit in "Galerie Böhner", Mannheim Germany starting March 2012.

Lisette now lives in the United States and continues to paint on a daily basis. Besides creating art for her own collection, she loves to make paintings on request to fit in your home or office. Please contact the artist for more information.

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